grep INSERT complete

InDesign GREP Styles

GREP can be used in both InDesign’s Paragraph Style and Find/Replace functionality. For those of you whom like the details, check out InDesign Secrets’ Grep Page, as well as Wikipedia for a general description. What can GREP Styles do for my Proposal/SOQ workflow? The following examples only scratch the surface of what GREP can do for[…]

toc style

InDesign Table of Contents for Proposals and SOQs

Do you manually create a table of contents (TOC) for your proposals and SOQs? I have noticed a steady increase in clients reducing the number of hard copies and opting for digital submissions. Digital copies, which were probably requested for archival purposes (e.g., public record) in the past, are now the document being used by[…]

document mess

Solicitation Mechanics, Part 1 The First Pass (RFQ/RFP)

A solicitation hits your desk. At this point, I hope you and your team are in the endgame phase of your pursuit of this project, which could have started over a year prior to the release. You and your team have built a relationship with the client and their perception is that your firm is[…]

preflight dialog

InDesign Preflight, Part 1

Take a look at the bottom of your document window. Which preflight status do you have in your document?     If you have a red light, InDesign is whispering to you, “Hey Buddy, you might have a minor problem. Let’s fix these issues now before they pile up.” Adobe InDesign’s Preflight is a powerful[…]