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InDesign Troubleshooting: Failed to Export the PDF File

Ive ran across the “Failed to Export the PDF File” error on dozens of documents over the years. In every instance of this particular error message, placed media have been the issue. On the other hand, colleagues of mine have found corrupt graphic frames as the culprit. All is not lost! This article describes a process[…]


Acrobat Automation—Flatten Annotations

Earlier this week, I was provided multiple PDFs with text markups that did not appear in InDesign. In my article PDF Markups Missing When Placed Into InDesign, we discussed the source of this type of issue. In my article Acrobat Automated!, we discussed Acrobat Droplets and I provided an example to embed missing fonts. In[…]


Maximize usability and minimize file size of PDFs using Acrobat’s Object Character Recognition

Problems with scanned documents Unable to perform a word search Unable to copy text Unable to edit text Too large to email Too large to archive Acrobat’s Object Character Recognition (OCR) can fix these problems! As an example, I’ve scanned in an 129-page proposal at 300dpi on a Sharp MX6240, which resulted in a 119.3[…]