Acrobat Automated!

Ive been using Photoshop Droplets to automate work for years and was pleasantly surprised to find similar functionality in Acrobat.

acrobat droplet 1In Acrobat Pro DC, select “Tools” then “Print Production”.

acrobat droplet 2Select “Preflight”

acrobat droplet 3Acrobat’s Preflight, it offers some powerful tools for managing all aspects of your PDFs.

acrobat droplet 4PDF Fixups include most of the tools I typically use in Preflight. In my previous article titled Missing Fonts in PDFs Embedded/Linked within an InDesign Document, I discussed how use the Embed missing fonts Fixup. Ill use this for my example droplet.

acrobat droplet 5With PDF Fixups selected, click Options in the upper right corner, then select Create Preflight Droplet

acrobat droplet 6Preflight: Droplet Setup dialog offers four groups of settings. Ill expand on these in a future article. For our example, leave all of the settings as is. If you did not select “Embed missing fonts” in the previous step, select it from the dropdown. Select save and place the droplet on your desktop.

acrobat droplet 7Drag a PDF on to the action. A PDF, which results in a missing font warning when placed in InDesign, is a perfect choice.

acrobat droplet 8The Droplet applies the PDF Fixup and generates a summary PDF. It will list the number of times a font was embedded, as well as any failures.

Close your document and attempt to place the PDF into an InDesign document. With all fonts embedded, it will no longer trigger InDesign Preflight’s missing font warning.